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About Cytofix®



What is CYTOFIX®?

CYTOFIX® is an aerosol preparation used to fix biological smears applied on the microscopic slide, prior to their subsequent evaluation.

How does CYTOFIX® work?

After the use of CYTOFIX® the sampled biological material is covered with a thin, transparent, polymer coating protecting against the influences of environment during storage and transport.

Scope of application of CYTOFIX®

  • gynecological smears
  • body fluid smears (cerebrospinal fluid, peritoneal fluid, etc)
  • smears of aspiration fine-needle biopsy of tumors of: thyroid gland, prostate, mammary gland, lymph glands, salivary glands, soft tissues, etc.
  • smears of fluid deposits from body cavities and urine, sputum smears
CYTOFIX® advantages
  • elimination of diagnostic errors - each preparation is fixed individually, thus it is not possible to move cells from one slide to another, which happens not infrequently while using a liquid "alcohol-ether" fixing agent. All cells present on the slide before fixing, will remain there also after fixing.
  • complete fixing of sampled material - no areas that are not fixed, or changes hindering subsequent evaluation of material can be observed.
  • possibility to color smears, without the need to fear rinsing or deforming cells,material protected against mechanical damage during transport to diagnostic centres
  • possibility to store fixed smears for at least 30 days without a loss of their properties
    ease of use and efficiency (300 smears on average)

Method of application

Spray CYTOFIX® on the slide with a smear for a short time (ca 0.5 s) from the distance of approximately 30 cm.
Put the slide away on the level surface until it dries.
After a few minutes the preparation is properly fixed and protected - can be colored, diagnosed or prepared for transport.


  • Medical Centre of Post Graduate Education/Pathomorphologic Diagnostics Faculty
  • Committee on Apparatus, Equipment and Diagnostic Preparations of the Medical Technology and Pharmacy Department of the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
  • Polish Pathologist Society
  • Central Clinic of Medical Academy
  • Health Care Centers
  • Cytological Outpatient Clinic of the Clinic of the Internal Affairs Ministry
  • Labour Institute Medicine, Łódź



Packaging and durability

Aerosol packaging- 100 g (150 ml) of the preparation.
Outer case - 12 pieces of preparation (4 collations - 3 pieces of preparation each)
product durability -2 years









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